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Green Roof Systems in St. Louis

Bi-State Roof Systems in St. Louis installs beautiful green roof systems – also known as living roofs – which are ballasted roof systems that consist of a waterproofing membrane that is either partly or completely covered with soil and foliage. Green roof systems are becoming increasingly popular and one of the most exciting trends in sustainable building design.

Depending on load capabilities, green roofs systems can be installed on commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. However, they are mainly installed in new roof construction projects. This is because green roof systems undergo a critical design and assembly process, including installation of proper drainage and irrigation systems to ensure the roof will not leak.

Well-designed and maintained green roof systems offer many aesthetically pleasing and sustainable benefits on an otherwise unused space. They provide insulation and reflective qualities, which reduce the amount of energy costs used for heating and cooling buildings. This also helps decrease the amount of air pollution and gas emissions, making a green roof system an environmentally-friendly option.

Green roof systems provide an excellent means for stormwater management and water quality control. They minimize stormwater runoff in urban sewer systems, reducing runoff-related pollution in natural waterways and the need for chemically-treated water.

Green roof systems also help facilities earn points to achieve different levels of the US Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification, which recognizes the installation and performance of building design, including roofing systems.

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