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Preventive Maintenance

Your roof bears the blunt of the blow more than any other part of your building, so when it comes to maintaining one of the most valuable components of your property, having a scheduled plan in place is essential to extend the life of your roof and protect your investment. Select Bi-State Roof Systems as the roofing contractor for your next project.

The Threat of Undetected Damage

When your roof system is concerned, no news can often be bad news. Ineffective roof maintenance is a very quiet drain on your capital assets – and one that can operate undetected for months or even years. Often, by the time you get warning, substantial damage is already done. There are many common factors associated with roof damage, including fire, high winds, heavy rain and hail damage, snow and ice, sun damage, lack of maintenance, poor design and structural movement.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Bi-State Roof Systems offers a Preventive Maintenance Program for commercial, industrial and institutional roof systems in the St. Louis area as a means to ensure systematic care, control costs and secure full-term warranty coverage. The program ensures you are compliant with even the smallest details in the manufacturer's warranty and keeps that warranty intact until you really need it. Whether your roof is under warranty or not, our Preventive Maintenance Program offers you a number of benefits.

Benefits of the Program

  • Sharply cuts costs while allowing you to control and manage your roof system investment.
  • Enables you to budget effectively for planned maintenance activities.
  • Allows you to forecast major replacement costs ahead of time.
  • Offers real protection against potentially devastating effects of roof system failure.
  • Substantially extends your roof's service life.

Program Process

The Preventive Maintenance Program is designed to prevent problems before they develop. For new roof construction, preventive maintenance benefits can be designed into your roof during the specifications phase. For re-roofing projects, the benefits are customized to your building and roof type.

  • Drawings and warranty documentation for your roof system are reviewed.
  • Checklists of potential problem sources are used for overall inspection.
  • A written evaluation report is provided, including a detailed description of the roof's condition, a roof plan with locations, descriptions or photographs of trouble spots, a list of necessary repairs and improvements, an estimated budget and a schedule for the recommended work.
  • Factory-trained personnel perform approved repairs to bring the roof to an optimal condition.
  • A schedule of on-going inspection and maintenance is developed and reviewed with you.

Limitations on Your Warranty

Too many building owners and managers assume incorrectly that their roof systems are protected by manufacturer warranties. In fact, this protection is severely limited by a long list of exceptions and exclusions, which are carefully spelled out in the fine print on your warranty. Experienced roofing contractors estimate that fewer than five percent of roof system damage claims meet the requirements set forth in the industry-standard warranties.

Bi-State Roof Systems’ Preventive Maintenance Program in St. Louis is a key element of our Roofing Services. For more information, Contact Us today!